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About Tomac

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Tomac Scott is a jet mechanic and military veteran from Cleveland, Ohio. During his childhood, he was bullied and taunted because of his unusual name. Over the years, he discovered the lasting effects that bullying can have on children like himself. Through his writing, he aims to help today’s youth overcome the same challenges that he faced as a child.


The biggest and most important lesson he learned was that you have to show bullies that they have no influence over your life. By staying positive and continuing to be yourself, the bullies will stop because they see something in you that they do not have themselves.

What's Her Name?

Tomac's Newest Book

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Bunu is excited to make friends at her new school, but when some kids make fun of her unique name she is sad and doesn’t know what to do. Bunu must learn, with the help of her mother and a few new friends, to be happy with who she is no matter what people say.

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Because I’m in the military, my kids had to attend new schools quite often. And also like Bunu, they have unusual names. So, they can relate to the story very well. They love this book, by far one of their favorites! - H. Joiner

I bought 3 books, one each for my grandkids. I had them to read the book together. After reading, they had to explain to me what they read. My gkids are about a year apart (6,7,8). When they started telling me the story, they kept interrupting each other explaining the story. They were excited in their explanations. They and I enjoyed the story and the moral of the story. A very good lesson for all kids and adults. I highly recommend. - J. Fox

I bought this book because like the author, I too have a unique name and so does my little nieces. I wanted them to know how special they are. I love the core message of this book. It's simple and teaches kids how to appreciate their differences. I would definitely recommend this book for children. I love that it was written from a place of experience. - A. Perez

What was it like to be a child? Was it whimsical? Was it painful? Many of us look back at our childhoods and find a mix of emotions buried deep in our memories. The story of Bunu, the girl with the unusual name, is no exception. This delightful tale of youthful discovery will take you on an inspirational and heartwarming journey about coming-of-age lessons that so many of us can truly relate to. The story of Bunu, eager and energetic, being confronted with the sometimes unpleasant nature of people as well as the awe inspiring truth behind her name and family origins is a powerful way to teach today's youth about the morals of perseverance and fortitude as well as many others. It takes us along as brave little Bunu learns to demonstrate the qualities many a parent wishes their child could learn to embrace as they embark on their own journeys through life in this world we all share. - M. Garcia

Amazing book! My nephew loved it so much! This is great for kids of all ages! 10/10. - B. Harris

One of the highlights for me is the relatability of Bunu. Many of us have face similar situations growing up. “What’s her name?” is a great read for all kids, to let them know a positive way to respond to bullying and to be proud of who they are. - E. Larkins

Great book. I really appreciate how it addressed childhood bullying. Your childhood is important. The way you are treated as a child is with you for life. - N. Scott

Great book! I bought a copy for my nephew. This book has an important and timely message for children (and a few adults). It teaches children to be confident and to embrace their differences.

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In the Media

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  1. Before we talk about your book, tell us a little bit about yourself, where you’re from, and how you got started.

  2. When did you decide that you wanted to be in the military and eventually an author?

  3. Tell us a little bit about your current job and what a typical day is like for you?

  4. You are doing so many other things from to promoting your book and juggling a personal life. How do you maintain your focus?    

  5. What do you feel has been the key to your success?

  6. Tell us a little about your book and what prompted you to write it.  

  7. For our listening/viewing audience who are currently writing a book, or perhaps inspired to start writing one, what piece of advice can you offer?

  8. Where can we go to learn more about your book and what you have going on? Also, tell us where we can pick up a copy of your book?